Arbor Vitae Cemetery

Arbor Vitae Cemetery
1301 Roberts Avenue Madera, CA 93637

The Arbor Vitae Cemetery is 31.96 acres of beautifully maintained grounds. This park-like setting is inspiring, combining the old with the new. Our burials date back to 1865 to current. The cemetery accommodates areas for upright and flat headstones, cremations, mausoleum entombments, and niche placements. At this date, we have approximately 19,766 burials and entombments at the Arbor Vitae cemetery location.

Rich in history, this cemetery was formed in 1885, by the Ladies Social Aid Society of Madera-Fresno County, even though our earliest burial was 1865 it wasn’t until the Ladies Social Aid came in to establish it. With many family and gated burial areas, it was the responsibility of the surviving family members to maintain their burial area. Over time, the cemetery grounds in certain areas became unkempt and in 1945 the local residence and property owners in Madera County voted to form Madera Cemetery District. The Arbor Vitae Cemetery was the first cemetery to come under this title.

The Arbor Vitae Cemetery takes pride in our Veterans of Madera County and surrounding areas with memorial services providing an avenue of flags and flag placements on designated veterans.

We have been noted as one of the most beautiful public cemeteries in California and have been spotlighted in a national cemetery magazine. We take pride in our cemeteries and it shows.

Serving the Madera County residents in care and compassionate way is our passion.

Arbor Vitae Cemetery Sign