About Us

Learn a little more about our District.

Madera Cemetery District – A Public Cemetery Independent Special District

Independent special districts are sanctioned under California Law for the performance of local government functions within specified boundaries. Agencies range in size from small to very large and often cross political boundary lines, such as city and county borders, to serve a common community of interest. There is a clear identification between agency name and services provided, which has resulted in a high level of accountability and responsibility to the public, and a high degree of customer satisfaction. As such, they are an integral part of local government and contribute significantly to the quality of life in the communities they serve.

There are two types of special districts: Independent and dependent.

Independent special districts are separate, local agencies, created by local petition or through popular election. Independent special districts are directly accountable to their constituents, not another layer of government. Dependent special districts are administrative extensions of cities and counties. They depend on another unit of government for their existence and are only accountable to this layer of government.

Mission Statement

To manage the Madera Cemetery District, by providing a wide range of burial options, to handle services in a caring compassionate manner with the intent to maintain, improve and historically preserve the grounds for the benefit of Madera County residents and their families.

Important Information about the Madera Cemetery District

  • We ask that Mortuary staff or families call the cemetery staff to check on available dates and times prior to coordinating chapel or church services for the families.
  • The next of kin will need to sign the paperwork, i.e. internment order, sales invoice, etc.
  • All fees will be collected at least 48 hours in advance by the cemetery staff prior to the scheduled burial.
  • The mortuary or families are responsible for coordinating pallbearers or pre-setting of the casket. The District will assist as needed, but we request that the mortuary staff call in advance. There will be limited cemetery staff to assist on weekend services.
  • Cemetery space and services fees are more affordable than private cemeteries because the District receives property tax funds to help fund its operations.
  • The cemetery does not have any mortuary or chapel services, graveside or arbor only.
  • The cemetery does not sell markers or flowers. You can purchase these from the mortuary or monument company, as long as they comply with the District’s specifications.
  • The Cemetery is an “Endowment Care” cemetery, which means that the cemetery will collect a “one-time” endowment for the space, mausoleum, niche or cremation burial for the perpetual care of the grounds. Once paid, the endowment fee is non-refundable