Rules and Regulations

The following is a summary of the Madera Cemetery District’s Rules and Regulations as presented in order that the users and visitors of the District’s facilities may have a basic source of information. The complete rules and regulations can be reviewed at the District office. For this format the Madera Cemetery District will be shortened as follows to MCD.


A five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Madera County Board of Supervisors for a four-year term governs MCD. They have a fiduciary responsibility for financial planning, overseeing management, and setting District policy and procedures in accordance with the California Health and Safety code pertaining to public cemeteries.


  • All property situated in any cemetery operated and maintained by MCD is the sole property of the district, to which no person, firm, organization or corporation shall have any interest or right except as shall be granted by MCD “Rules and Regulations”.
  • The sale of burial rights shall be consistent with MCD “Rules and Regulations”, provided the sale be made in accordance to that section of the State of California Health and Safety Code pertaining to the eligibility of persons allowed to be buried in a MCD cemetery.
  • Any religious service may be performed at any burial of any person in any cemetery of the MCD, when such burial has been properly complied with in accordance with MCD “Rules and Regulations”.


  • The sale of burial rights does not convey title but only grants the right to the perpetual use and occupancy of the parcel of land for burial purposes.
  • No transfer of rights shall be made without prior written approval of MCD.


  • Each person, firm, association, corporation, or funeral home requesting a burial must contact MCD and schedule such burial before making public the time of burial. Staff is available by pager to schedule services during weekends.
  • Burials on Saturday shall be concluded before noon. No burial shall be performed on Saturday afternoon or at any time on Sunday.
  • Final graveside committal services must not begin later than 3:00 p.m. in Arbor Vitae and Calvary Cemeteries and not later than 2:00 p.m. in Oakhill, North Fork and Raymond Cemeteries.
  • The purchase price of any plots sold and the fees and/or charges for any and all products supplies or services performed in connection with the interment of anybody shall be paid prior to the opening of the grave, crypt, or niche or prior to the performance of any other services to be performed by MCD.


  • The district shall open and close the graves for burials in any of MCD cemeteries, and install any and all liners/ vaults/ or urns.
  • A member of the family of the deceased or their authorized agent must sign a form called an “Interment Order” giving permission for burial and all charges for the services must be paid before a grave will be opened.


  • No burials, interments or re-interments shall be made in the cemeteries of MCD unless said bodies with a casket/ urn containing the same is placed in and protected by a concrete liner, vault, metallic or vantage vault, or urn liner of type approved by MCD.
  • No casket shall be opened before, during or following a service without the direct permission of the deceased family and then only under the direct supervision of the funeral director in charge.


  • Only the size and type of markers as set forth in “Markers and Monuments Rules” at MCD will be allowed.
  • Only those markers manufactured from granite, marble, bronze, or District markers are allowed.
  • All setting of markers, bases, or monuments in any MCD cemetery shall be done by MCD staff, according to the current fees on file at MCD.
  • Any marker set shall have at least two vases for flowers, of the type approved by MCD, placed in the ground, embedded in the concrete foundation or mausoleum/niche wall in a design to conform to that area.


The following rules will be enforced to maintain the best interests of all families and visitors. In order to maintain the beautification of our cemeteries, provide for safety and keep the expense of maintenance at a minimum, we kindly ask that the following regulations be observed for all gravesites, cremation, baby, niche and mausoleum areas:

  • The only decorations allowed will be flowers/arrangements (any adornments must be affixed by wire/glue, artificial or fresh) in the one or two permanent vases purchased with the headstone.  No permanent plants can be planted in these vases.  No sand, gravel, rocks shall be placed in vases.
  • Cut flowers will be removed twice a month.
  • Artificial flowers/arrangements in the approved vases will be removed when they become faded or unsightly at the discretion of cemetery personnel.
  • Glass, figurines, statues, balloons, vases, containers, metal hooks, plant hangers, bird houses, pin wheels, toys, candles or any other items are not allowed on the headstone, the marker foundation or the plot. No items are to be placed on the ground in front of a niche or mausoleum because of safety concerns for all visitors.
  • Plastic coverings or any other type of material is not allowed on any headstone.
  • Additional flower bouquets/arrangements/potted plants may be placed on the grave for special holidays. For example: Valentine, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and Birthday’s.  All additional items must be placed on concrete marker foundation or stone. NO items are allowed on the grass area.  They will be allowed to remain for one week following the holiday.  If not picked up during that time, cemetery personnel will remove them.
  • Only small American flags are allowed in flag holes only.  Please request the drilling of flags holes at the office.
  • Mausoleum, no taped pictures, notes, or any other item that could be adhered on the mausoleum fronts . Flags can be placed in vases that are appropriate and a accommodating in size.
  • The Madera Cemetery District will make every reasonable effort to care for flowers properly placed in the vases but we cannot accept responsibility for loss due to theft, wind or other causes beyond our control.
  • All unauthorized items will be removed. If there are any questions concerning family placement of decorations, please contact the office for approval.


It is the policy of the Madera Cemetery District to remove unsightly flowers or arrangements whether it be fresh or artificial.  This process will take place at the minimum of two times per month.  No prior notice will be given, with the exception of Memorial Day.  Artificial flowers/arrangements will be treated the same as fresh flowers.  No more than two bouquets will be left on each grave, and they are to be placed in the containers on the marker or monument foundation.  Additional flowers/arrangements will be removed as necessary to maintain lawns during the mowing season.  The exceptions will be Special Holidays example:  Memorial Day, All Souls Day, and Birthdays when extra bouquets may be placed on graves for one week.  When flowers start to discolor, fade or deteriorate, cemetery employees will remove and dispose of them.

We thank you for your cooperation.
All headstones become the responsibility of the remaining family once they are set.

For your protection please be careful when walking on the grounds as they are uneven. Also be careful and watch your step around the cement curbing throughout the cemetery.